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At the time of India’s independence in 1947, Kerala (unborn then) constituted two princely states of Travancore & Cochin and Malabar. When the government of India reorganized the states, Travancore, Cochin and Malabar were united and thus emerged the Kerala State in 1957.

The Kerala Cricket Association had its beginning as Travancore Cochin Cricket Association (TCCA) in 1950 because the State of Kerala had not come into being then. In 1951 the BCCI granted affiliation to TCCA and in the same year started official participation in the Ranji Trophy, 16 years after the inception of the tournament.

On March 23, 1957 when the Kerala State was formed, in a General Body Meeting at Ernakulam Maharja’s College, Travancore Cochin Cricket Association welcomed the delegates from Malabar also into the Association and thus a unified Kerala Cricket Association was formed. From the season 1957-58 onwards, the team participated in the Ranji Trophy as “Kerala”.

The composition of KCA, for long, consisted of only cricket clubs as its affiliates with a group of people elected as office bearers. The clubs only were its primary members for a quarter of a century. The steps taken in 1961, to form district associations did not succeed. Finally in 1976 the State Association decided to accept only district associations as affiliated units to the General Body with each district being represented by three elected members and holding office for three years. EDCA of the present kind was formed in 1976 and affiliated to KCA.

EDCA, although, had come into existence in 1956-57 when Kerala State was formed. The names of office bearers 1956-57 to till date

Tripunithura was the only centre of cricket on those days in Ernakulam. Mr. Antias of Scottish origin and an ardent lover of Cricket, who was assigned the task of building Cochin Harbour, was the inspiration behind the formation of Tripunithura Cricket Club, way back in 1935. Originally it was called the Prince’s Club formed by the Cochin royal family a century ago and later both Prince’s Club and Tripunithura Cricket Club merged together. The greatest turnaround of this was that the club building, the palace oval ground and the land it owns became the property of Tripunithura Cricket Club. It is worth mentioning that TCC has been the only club in Kerala to own a ground of its own known as Palace Oval and the only ground where matches were played on turf wickets for the first time in Kerala.

Many eminent personalities from Ernakulam held key posts in the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin Cricket Association and the present Kerala Cricket Association.

S Dendapani and Dr. KN Raghavan, persons “in white” from Ernakulam as umpires were the other notable personalities who deserve much acclaim for their contributions. Both of them rose from the lower level to the international level as umpires officiating International matches creditably. Sadly both of them called it quits from the umpiring field.

Also PV Ramachandran is the Chief curator and is in charge of all grounds in Kerala.

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